Thanks to all of our customers from the many countries who have offered their strong support and of course ongoing relationship with AKT JAPAN. We have been implementing the most advanced motor oil manufacturing since 2009, our Brand Name is ``TAKUMI MOTOR OIL Made In Japan``. This opportunity of creating ``TAKUMI MOTOR OIL`` came about because I had seen the need to support customers after car sales during my experience in the Car Trading company business for over 15 years. As you know, there are many fake products labelled ``Made In Japan`` in the market. That's why I personally want to send a genuine product to customers who really do want to purchase the genuine ``Made In Japan`` Product . We have developed a Range of high quality motor oils and at the same time we have reduced the distribution costs and devised a manufacturing method in order to reduce the price.

Now we have taken ``TAKUMI MOTOR OIL`` throughout 24 countries worldwide and our aim is to continue striving to provide you, all our customers OLD & NEW, with more opportunities to continue purchasing High Quality Products that serve all your needs. We have strong confidence that we can keep a long, stable and excellent business relationship with all our customers and we are looking forward to continuing this wonderful and mutually beneficial relationship into the future.



Company nameAKT JAPAN CO.,LTD.
EstablishedJuly, 2012
CEOIsao Koga
Capital10 million yen
OfficeTokyo, Japan & Saitama, Japan