A car is an industrial product that is a means of transportation, but it can also be a very special thing, as when it is called a ”beloved car.“ Perhaps it is because it is an expensive purchase, something to be owned for a long period of time, something that carries life on it, or because it moves like a living creature.
You could say that ”motor oil“ is the blood of your beloved car.
Having traveled the world as a car enthusiast, I have experienced the reality that in some parts of the world, products of sufficient quality are not available.
”The demand of the high quality Japanese Motor Oil is increasing in the market! Let's provide it to who need!“
TAKUMI Motor Oil was born from such thoughts.

TAKUMI motor oil is supplied from Japan, one of the world's leading industrial countries, with ”made in Japan“ quality at a reasonable price.
”Enriching the car life of car enthusiasts.“ That is the reason for the existence of the TAKUMI brand.
And we will continue to grow in accordance with the TAKUMI brand philosophy, without being limited to the motor oil field.


Isao Koga, CEO Profile
Completed Kyushu Institute of Technology, Faculty of Information Technology, Biochemical Systems Engineering (currently Department of Life Information Engineering)
His areas of expertise include computer programming, molecular chemistry, and stereostructure analysis. After graduating from university, he worked for two venture companies before joining a trading company that exports automobiles to more than 100 countries around the world. He served as branch manager, division manager, and president of an overseas subsidiary.
He realized the potential and problems of Japanese products overseas. After returning to Japan, he established AKT Japan Inc. in 2012 and became its representative director, focusing on expanding the TAKUMI brand.


Enriching the car life of the enthusiasts.

The world continues to change at a faster pace than ever before. As we look around us, we see products and services that were previously unimaginable, and with them, people's values and desires are shifting.
I believe that the common thread underlying the new values is ”richness.“
Everyone wants to lead a rich life. We want to be a company that can ”enrich the car life of car enthusiasts“ by creating and providing products and services as quickly as possible that enable car enthusiasts around the world to experience the ”richness“ of life with a car.


1. Establishment of the world-class TAKUMI brand

TAKUMI's products are trustworthy and that the company is sincere. We will build a trusted brand so that all our customers can feel that way and enrich the car life of people not only in Japan but all over the world.

2. Employee growth and well being

Through our corporate activities, we will enable all employees to look at the world, broaden their perspective, and realize their own growth and strength.

3. Contribution to nature and society

All human activities benefit from nature. At the same time, we believe that our corporate activities are supported by society. We will continue to generate reasonable profits and make ongoing contributions to nature and society.


As a promise to our customers and for our own growth, we comply with the following guidelines.

1. Pride in Quality

We promise a high level of service not only in product quality, but also in all processes from manufacturing to delivery.

2. Conscientious transactions

We are committed to a ”win-win“ relationship for all users and business partners.

3. Sincere correspondence

We promise to treat all users, business partners, and colleagues with respect and integrity.

4. Compassion

Are the people you work with in need? Always look around and offer a helping hand to those who need it.

5. Add a smile+.

Always smile. Give all actions a smile+.


Company nameAKT JAPAN CO.,LTD.
EstablishedJuly, 2012
CEOIsao Koga
Capital10 million yen
Our banksSumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation, Saitama Risona Bank, Rakuten Bank
OfficeSanix 21.A. 4F, 3-586 Miyahara-cho, Kita-ku, Saitama City, Saitama Prefecture 331-0812, Japan
TEL: 048-871-8874 FAX: 03-6869-0499
(3 min. walk form West exit of Miyahara Station, JR Takasaki Line)
Business HoursMonday - Friday 09:00-18:00
Closed on Saturdays, Sundays, and national holidays
Business Activities・Research, development, manufacturing and sales of TAKUMI motor oil
・Research, development, manufacturing and sales of car accessories
・Consulting services to support companies expanding overseas
Business Partners・Overseas import wholesalers
・Domestic automotive wholesalers
・Domestic automobile maintenance shops
・Domestic auto tuning stores
・Corporations and individuals through internet sales
Member OrganizationsEO Tokyo West
Japan Corporate NumberT8030001093413