Additive to protect cold start C.S.P

Additive to protect cold start C.S.P


Prevent cold starts!

Protects against metal-to-metal contact
Contains proprietary fatty acid-based special additives

Volume: 150ml
Use: Internal engine additive (for 4-stroke gasoline engines)

■Features of C.S.P(Cold.Start.Protection)

Do you know what a cold start (dry start) is?

□Cold early morning engine start first thing in the morning
□Starting the engine for the first time in a long time for a car that is only driven on weekends.


Does the engine sound louder than usual when starting up?


That’s right. When it feels that way, the engine is actually feeling the strain!


What is happening inside the engine when this happens?


If the engine is not started for a long period of time, the engine oil inside the engine may have run off, and the areas that should normally be lubricated with engine oil may not be properly lubricated.

This phenomenon is called “cold start” or “dry start,” and typical locations where it occurs are piston rings and camshafts.

Since metal-to-metal contact occurs without sufficient lubrication, metal-to-metal wear naturally occurs, causing engine damage.

TAKUMI “Cold Start Protection” is a product developed to avoid this phenomenon. This product contains a special fatty acid additive developed by TAKUMI in an ester base oil with metal adsorption properties. It acts as an “adhesive” between the engine oil and the metal surface. This effect prevents the engine oil from dropping and helps to ensure proper lubrication performance at the next startup.

Quality to protect your beloved car.

It is easy to use. After changing the engine oil, pour it in from the engine oil inlet.


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