HYBRID series

HYBRID series

  HYBRID series


HYBIRD and Modern Sports cars

With its soft viscosity characteristics, the HYBRID (Hybrid) series is the optimum viscosity characteristics for the latest sports cars, eco cars and hybrid cars.
The latest Japanese car engine with a small piston clearance needs to be able to get into the micron-scale clearance (clearance) and to exhibit lubricating performance, and at the same time, it must have the viscosity not to cause oil film breakage even for thin films.

In the HYBRID series, the basic properties are enhanced by blending PAO (polyalphaolefin) with the latest base oil, and two conflicting performance requirements are realized by the unique additive technology.
While maintaining good startability and fuel efficiency, it demonstrates the strong oil film performance and lubrication performance required for sports cars.

0W-20 is recommended for fuel-efficient cars and hybrid cars, and 0W-30 is recommended for sports cars with 0W-20 specified oil in new car settings and cars with many mileage.


  • 0W-16
  • 0W-20
  • 0W-30