Engine oil performance improving additive F.P.B

Engine oil performance improving additive F.P.B


Improving & restoring the performance of deteriorated oil.

Restores deteriorated viscosity function & enhances engine protection

Volume: 300ml
Use: Performance improver for 4-cycle gasoline and diesel engine oils

■Features of F.P.B (Five. Point. Booster)

Have you ever thought, “I am concerned about the performance and deterioration of my engine oil! Here is the “new answer” proposed by TAKUMI Motor Oil.

Please try F.P.B. (Five Point Booster), which has the effect of increasing engine protection.

It has the effect of restoring the function of the deteriorated viscosity by adding it to the engine oil in use before circuit running or other severe running. In addition, when added to new engine oil, it is an epoch-making additive that enhances SAE viscosity by approximately 5 points.

For example, if F.P.B is added to an engine oil with a viscosity of 5W-30, its viscosity will increase to approximately 5W-35.

F.P.B. can create the perfect oil for your car, and it is up to you how to use F.P.B.
F.P.B. can make your car life more enjoyable.


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