Premium Glass Coat 1000

Premium Glass Coat 1000

  Premium Glass Coat 1000

Not only beautiful shine, but also high water repellency and stain resistance

Diamond structured silicon (Si-1000) is used

Volume: 300ml
Use: Glass coating agent

■Features of Premium Glass Coat 1000

Automotive glass coating agent developed by TAKUMI Motor Oil’s R&D team based on the latest chemical knowledge!
Based on diamond-structured silicon (Si-1000), which can exist stably under normal temperature and pressure, this product was commercialized using a unique bonding technology.

This technology provides excellent bonding strength to the painted surface of an automobile body, enabling the glass-based structure to exist stably on the paint film for a long period of time.

The stabilized high-purity glass film has high light transmittance and provides deep gloss, luster, and smoothness.
Repeatedly applying the coating on a regular basis will increase its stability and thickness, and provide strong protection against acidic or alkaline stains and scratches caused by fine particles such as PM2.5.


Premium Glass Coat 1000


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