Gasoline fuel additive F.S.R

Gasoline fuel additive F.S.R


Powerful cleaning inside the gasoline combustion chamber of your beloved car.

Contains 100% PEA, a high-performance cleaning ingredient

Volume: 300ml
Use: Additive for 4-stroke gasoline fuel

■Features of Fuel Sludge Reactor (F.S.R.)

The original condition of your beloved car is performed.

New gasoline additives.

Powerful gasoline additive cleaner F.S.R. (Fuel. Sludge . Reactor) is a newly developed gasoline fuel additive containing 100% high-performance PEA (polyether amine), a synthetic cleaning ingredient based on butylene oxide.

PEA is a polyether-based ingredient that is recognized as having the highest cleaning effects of all cleaning ingredients.
It is effective in strongly pulling off and breaking up carbon and sludge deposits on fuel lines, fuel injectors, intake and exhaust valves, and combustion chambers. It is especially effective on carbon deposits on the top of the piston head.

S.E.C. (Smart. Engine. Clean) The difference between S.E.C. and F.S.R. is that S.E.C. cleans the area where the engine oil circulates. On the other hand, F.S.R. (Fuel Sludge. Sludge. Reactor) cleans the path of gasoline and the combustion chamber where gasoline is injected.

Valves and pistons that repeat repetitive motions at ultra-high speeds create significant resistance to even the slightest weight of sludge.

After two years of development, the TAKUMI Chemical Series is now available for sale!

It is easy to use! Just add one bottle of F.S.R. to approximately 30 to 60 liters of gasoline! Continuous use at each refueling will keep the inside of the engine clean.


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