Engine internal cleaner S.E.C

Engine internal cleaner S.E.C


Cleaning your beloved car’s engine from the inside

10 minutes of idling to break up, peel & clean hard sludge and carbon

Volume: 300ml
Use: Internal engine cleaner (for 4-stroke gasoline and diesel engines)

■Features of S.E.C (Smart Engine Clean)

The first chemical series from the TAKUMI brand is now available!

Internal engine cleaner S.E.C. (Smart. Engine. Clean)

“TAKUMI CLEAN LIQUID”, a unique cleaning ingredient, breaks down and removes hard sludge and carbon accumulated inside the engine, and also lifts up dirt accumulated in the oil lines and oil pan.

Reliable design that does not damage oil seals, rubber gaskets, etc.

It is designed to be fully effective when used with TAKUMI motor oil at the same time.
It is recommended to use TAKUMI motor oil at the same time of engine oil change.


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